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IDASInternational Defence and Security (various locations)
IDASITS Deployment Analysis System
IDASIntegrated Development Assessment System (Australia)
IDASIcom Digital Advanced System (radio system)
IDASInteractive Defensive Avionics System
IDASInitial D Arcade Stage (game)
IDASIntegrated Data Acquisition System
IDASIntegrated Design Automation System
IDASIntegrated Defensive Avionics System
IDASIdentification Division Automated Services
IDASImage Data Acquisition System
IDASIntegrated Design And Assessment
IDASIntrusion Detection Alarm System
IDASImage Display and Access Software
IDASIntegrated Digital Avionics System
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IDAs balance sheet is denominated in Special Drawing Rights, or SDR, an international reserve asset based on a based on a basket of five currenciesthe British pound, Chinese renminbi, euro, Japanese yen and the U.S.
Instead of bringing its employment levels from 385 to 390 in its second year of its 10-year PILOT program, OpenLink wound up reducing its staff to an estimated 220, according to the IDA.
1) only 2 of 15 transplant centers were fully compliant with all IDA requirements;
Sherraden (2007a) states that "outcome evaluations of IDAs are of the greatest importance in confirming, not confirming, or revising theoretical propositions" (2).
The American Dream Demonstration (ADD) commenced the first systematic study of IDAs in 1997.
IDAs are not only an alternative or supplement to the welfare system, but provide palatable policy for both the political right and the left.
Bernstein writes about IDAs as targeted toward the poor, which indeed they are.
This is the overall strategy that serves as the IDAS framework.
Minister for Business, Enterprise and Innovation, Heather Humphreys, and IDA Ireland, the Irish Government agency responsible for attracting foreign direct investment (FDI) to Ireland, has announced that employment levels in its client companies have reached 229,057.
But there are issues there and it would be wrong for the IDAs to ignore it.
There were 812 projects being supported by Long Island IDAs in 2016.