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IDASAInstitute for Democracy in South Africa
IDASAInstitute for a Democratic Alternative for South Africa
IDASAIllinois Department of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse
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A few members of the IDASA group published their impressions in the journals Die Suid-Afrikaan and Frontline and in newspapers.
The IDASA group ignored the possibility that the ANC was violently trying to establish its hegemony over black South Africans (Jeffery 2009: forthcoming).
Lawrence Schlemmer, an academic in the IDASA delegation with long polling experience, stated in an address to the conference that the ANC enjoyed majority support among the population.
Statement by IDASA delegation on their visit to the USSR from 1-10 April 1988.
Two research institutions, namely, IDASA and the ISS, supported the intention and purpose of the Bill, but expressed serious reservations regarding a wide range of its provisions.
IDASA argued that the definition of a terrorist act was extremely broad and failed to clarify which acts constituted terrorism.
Interestingly, while IDASA and the ISS supported the Bill in principle, both cautioned Parliament neither to diminish fundamental human rights enshrined in the Constitution nor to adopt an overtly aggressive strategy to combat terrorism.
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