IDASLImpac Direct Access System for Lending (Impac Mortgage Holdings, Inc.; Irvine, CA)
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Utilization of IDASL during the Fourth Quarter of 2000
During the fourth quarter of 2000, IFC's customers increased average monthly volume of loans submitted through the IDASL system by 27% over third quarter of 2000 loan submissions.
Loan originations at ILG should remain strong during 2001 with the successful roll-out of IDASL with the Mortgage Operations' strategic partner Genesis 2000.
The roll out of IDASL to IFC's customers during 2000 will further enhance IFC's production capacity without increasing current staff levels.
IDASL is a risk-based pricing model as well as an automated underwriting system.
IDASL is a further step in providing customers with access to low cost, efficient and reliable alternatives through today's technology-driven e-commerce marketplace.
Future releases of the IDASL system will include fraud detection measures and automated appraisals which will continue to increase operational efficiencies and quality of the Company's loan products.