IDBPIntracellular vitamin D Binding Protein
IDBPIrrigation and Drainage Business Plan
IDBPIntegrierte Datenbank für das gesamte Personalwesen
IDBPInvestimento Directo do Brasil em Portugal
IDBPIterative Decoding with Belief Propagation
IDBPIntegrated Distance Based Priority
IDBPIntrusion Detection & Blocking Protocol
IDBPInti Dasar Bumi Perkasa
IDBPIntroductory Business Development Plan
IDBPIndustrial Development Bank of Pakistan
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The non-performing loans in the balance sheet of the IDBP are stated to be sizeable, which are unquestionably the liability of the federal government which owns this institution.
There is reason to emphasize here that further delay in the privatisation of the IDBP is likely to add to the liabilities of the federal government.
Thus the rupee resource base of IDBP continued to strengthen year after year.
The inclusion of IDBP in the collection system of telephone and gas bills are expected to help solve the difficulties of consumers in making payments against their telephone and gas bills.
The efforts in the areas of resources mobilization, recoveries and revamping of non-performing portfolio through restructuring and settlement of stuck-up/under litigation cases are producing desired results to further consolidate IDBP financial health.
In timely responding to the financial market's challenges, IDBP changed its operational philosophy and embarked upon diversification of its business operations.
In order to secure a due market share, IDBP restructured its operations.
The policy initiatives are of vital importance to gear up the tempo of the development which will go a long way in ensuring economic prosperity, and the IDBP is poised to play its due role as a catalytic agent.
IDBP has so far sanctioned lease financial assistance of Rs.
During the thirty-two years of its existence, IDBP has approved term assistance to the tune of Rs.
Abdur Rahman, Managing Director, IDBP while addressing 30th Annual General Meeting of the Bank's Shareholders held at Lahore recently.
1478 million of reestablishment of industries in less developed and specified rural areas of the country which constituted 71 per cent of the total loans sanctioned by IDBP during 1990-91.