IDBRInter Departmental Business Register (UK)
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A limited amount of data (on employment and turnover) are held for all reported units on the IDBR. There is some evidence (Haskel and Khawaja 2003) that the employment data in the IDBR are more reliable than the turnover data.
We control for this by weighting the observations, using as a basis the employment data from the IDBR following the methodology of Haskel and Khawaja (2003).
Nevertheless, there has been a significant improvement in the scope and quality of the official statistics now available on the business universe in the UK as a result of the creation of the Interdepartmental Business Register (referred to as the IDBR) in the mid-1990s.
The IDBR covers 2.4 million 'locations' including 1.7 million enterprises.
Information from the IDBR file is restricted - it is only available in summary form to a detail which ensures that individual 'records' are not identifiable.
* Private sector = 1.7 million enterprises, 2.3 million locations (establishments) (this is the IDBR file).
In addition, the accounts have been rebased to 1995 prices, use the Inter-Departmental Business Register (IDBR), and measure public sector output in ways which no longer rely solely on the measurement of inputs.