IDCAInternational Data Center Authority (standardization)
IDCAI Don't Care Anymore
IDCAI Don't Care About
IDCAIndustrial Design Council of Australia (est. 1958)
IDCAInternational Digestive Cancer Alliance
IDCAInternational Design Conference in Aspen (Aspen, CO)
IDCAInfiltrating Ductal Carcinoma (breast cancer)
IDCAIndian Diamond Colorstone Association (jewelry industry)
IDCAIntegrated Detector/Cooler Assembly (Apache helicopter system)
IDCAIslamic Dawah Centre of Australia
IDCAInternational Development Corporation Agency
IDCAIndecent Displays Control Act (UK)
IDCAIntermountain Data Center Association
IDCAInchberry & District Community Association (UK)
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Invasive ductal carcinoma (IDCA) was the commonest histology with 60 (95.23%) patients and 3 (4.76%) patients were of invasive lobular carcinoma (ILCA) (table-I).
Trust level calculation Function trustlevel (idCA,RepScore,CPQ,SLoCA,n,k) Input : idCA id of a CA RepScore is a CA reputation score CPQ is a CA certificate policy quality SLoCA is a CA security level n is a threshold value k is CHs number that provide their feedback Output: TLoCA is a CA trust level 1.
The IDCA was initiated in 1951 to bring designers, artists, and engineers together with business and industry leaders.
Karachi -- In an effort to continue building community blocks, wi-tribe Pakistan shares its latest CSR initiative that is comprised of a partnership with the Islamabad Deaf Cricket Association (IDCA).
On the sidelines of the AGTA Tucson Gem Show earlier this month at the Marriott University Park Hotel Tucson, Arizona, Harebottle was presented with the "Gem Mining Company of the Year" award by the Indian Diamond & Colorstone Association (IDCA), a not-for-profit association based in New York.
Tissue Diagnosis and Uniformity (a) 1 Breast Benign fibrosis 2.7 2 Breast Phyllodes 2.0 tumor 3 Breast IDCA 3.0 4 Breast Fibroadenoma 3.0 5 Breast Benign fibrosis 2.7 6 Uterus Undiff Ca 2.0 7 Uterus Myoma 3.0 8 Uterus Endomet Ca 3.0 9 Uterus Endomet polyp 2.7 10 Uterus Myoma 2.7 11 Skin SCC 2.0 12 Skin BCC 2.7 13 Skin Keloid 2.3 14 Skin EIC 2.0 15 Skin Acrochordon 2.3 16 Soft tissue Fibromatosis 2.3 17 Colon Adenoca 2.7 18 Colon Adenoca 2.0 19 Colon Adenoca 2.3 20 Colon Adenoma 3.0 21 Colon Adenoca 2.7 Case Architectural Cytologic Stain Overall Diagnostic No.
President Jimmy Carter instituted the next reform in 1979, creating the International Development Cooperation Agency ("IDCA").
in Design from Arizona State University, he is also the 2008-2009 president of the Interior Design Coalition of Arizona (IDCA) as well as a past IIDA New England Chapter president.
Designed by Mark Joseph, who serves on the board of the International Design Conference in Aspen (IDCA), Valo is a simplified lighting solution that requires only a pair of scissors to install.
Dianne Feinstein (IDCA), respectively, would make it illegal for those who have been convicted of violent crimes to purchase, use, or possess body armor.
After the La Jolla Agreement, Congress adopted the International Dolphin Conservation Act of 1992 ("IDCA")(297) to set dolphin mortality limits(298) and prohibit the importation of any tuna that was not dolphin-safe after June 1, 1994.(299) The IDCA also established a five-year moratorium from "setting on" dolphins,(300) participation in which would grant exporting countries an exemption from U.S.