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The research instrument consisted of a questionnaire and an interview structure and they focused on students' perceptions of the Institute of Distance and Continuing Education (IDCE) mathematics curriculum and the mathematical ideas in their home cultures.
The preferential classroom treatment between males and females in the IDCE program is also intentional, and for very good reasons.
This school of thought was and still is very strong, and espoused at the political level as the Prime Minister of the country, Sir Julius Chan said, 'There is no Melanesian Way to pilot a plane' [see Lancy, 1983, p.210] To further illustrate this point, the interviewees were asked the question 'Why did you circle ( ) in S22?' Without exception, and in one-way or another, the interviewees argued that some mathematical ideas are not common to both the IDCE curriculum and the home cultures.
These basic mathematical ideas are common to both the home culture activities and the IDCE mathematics courses, especially the less advanced ones.
This relationship, in the view of the author, reinforces their other belief that some mathematics is common to both the village life and the IDCE mathematics courses, especially the less advanced ones.
The students' problem with the IDCE mathematics curriculum is probably best catered for by a change in the implemented curriculum itself, with the emphasis of utilizing the home-culture mathematical ideas to supplement and complement IDCE mathematics, and vice versa.
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