IDCFIAI (Initiative for Association of Southeast Asian Nations Integration) Development Cooperation Forum
IDCFI Don't Care Face (social media)
IDCFIsle of Dogs Community Foundation (UK)
IDCFInter Denominational Christian Fellowship (India)
IDCFInter-Departmental Committee on Forestry (Consultative Group for Indonesia)
IDCFInternational Detection Canine Foundation (security certification group)
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The BLS Internet Data Collection Facility (IDCF) is a centralized resource currently available to all BLS programs for electronic data collection.
The IDCF contains two approaches to Internet data collection: standard and "lite." Using the standard format, respondents may be able to see data from their establishment from a prior period and can then enter current-period data.
Dc-values greater than 2.2 were observed in regions 1, 3, 4, 9, 11, 12, 16, 26 and 50 which were related to the NEAFZ including the Dumlu and Cobandede fault zones, the ATBKF, the IDCF, the BZTZ, the junction of part of the Dead Sea fault and the EAFZ, the Aegean Arc and the ENAFZ.
Samples were tested using CF and IDCF as described earlier.
In addition, there is a central IDCF help desk that is intended to respond to more global questions, often related to system access.
The move to Internet collection has shifted many of those questions from telephone to email and has shifted responsibility to those handling the IDCF help desk.