IDCGImaging and Distributed Computing Group
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Following the acquisition IDCG became a US subsidiary of LCH.
IDCG operates a central counterparty clearing house via its unit International Derivatives Clearinghouse (IDCH).
In Dec 2008, Nasdaq acquired a majority interest in the IDCG.
On the other hand, the clients of Newedge can continue to execute IRSs in the well-established OTC market while reducing counterparty risk by simultaneously navigating their positions to IDCG, which will also allow segregation of funds protection.
G2 Petroleum has communicated with IDCG Executive Management team that it intends on Drilling two initial test wells with an anticipated spud date of August 1, 2009.
IDCG is a leading Internet marketing and e-commerce company, specializing in promoting travel and tourism for Baja California, Mexico.
The proposed merger subject to all parties' agreement would be effective in January 2002, and shareholders of record would receive IDCG stock in exchange for ID Four stock at the relative market values on the agreed date of execution.