IDCPInfectious Diseases in Clinical Practice (journal)
IDCPInternational Dolphin Conservation Program
IDCPInstitute for Data Center Professionals (programming education institution)
IDCPInternet Device Control Protocol
IDCPIdentification Data Combining Process
IDCPIglesia de Cristo Congregación Providencia (church in Santiago, Chile)
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Based on their studies of needle biopsy with IDC-P and previous studies in the literature that demonstrated consistent association of IDC-P at radical prostatectomy with multiple adverse prognostic factors, Robinson and Epstein (14) recommend definitive therapy in men with IDCP on needle biopsy, even in the absence of pathologically documented, invasive PCa.
However, ductal PCa is not synonymous with IDCP because IDC-P has characteristic morphologic features.
The NSF is the leading independent federal agency supporting research in the fields of fundamental science and engineering, so the significance of this grant cannot be emphasized enough," said Barbara McMullen, Director, IDCP at Marist College.
Scholarship recipients will participate in a unique educational program developed by the IDCP, offering a 35-credit, 18-month online curriculum designed to meet the needs of the current and future data center professionals.
Further, successful students also receive the overall IDCP Certified Data Center Professional certification (CDCP) and a Marist College certificate in Data Center Technology, which can be applied to a Bachelor's degree completion program.
IDCP is also a leading developer of tailorable software solutions, such as its Route Rider Application, for businesses who choose to maintain their competitive differentiation.
Marist also provides a sequence of credit-bearing courses toward each of the IDCP data center certifications including data center systems and software, networking, facilities management, operations and process management, product development, financial planning and security.
The new initiative between AFCOM and the IDCP will give organizations a cost-effective and high quality means of training a new generation of professionals in the technologies that underlie the IT infrastructure of the world's largest corporations and institutions.
Through this relationship, the IDCP will offer its accredited data center courses to AFCOM's broad industry membership via the Internet, coupled with hands-on practicum at AFCOM's twice-yearly data center conferences.
The alliance between AFCOM and Marist College's IDCP is a significant step towards addressing the looming enterprise data center skills shortage that will occur due to demographics of the baby boomer generation.
Through this alliance Marist College's IDCP will offer college-credit courses in the following areas via the Internet: systems and software, networking, facilities management, operations and process management, product development, financial planning and security.
Ward, Acting President and CEO of IDCP commented "a major factor of the increased revenues in the third quarter was the sales of the DC4 which has replaced the older generation DC3X.