IDDAAIllinois Developmental Disabilities Advocacy Authority
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X]:3,72) degree, "I think there is a connection between IDDAA and match-fixing.
Besides participants are materialistic expectant, IDDAA (betting game) widespreads just because it is played on the most favorite sport, football in the country.
except IDDAA (betting game) and %47,4 of them state that they certainly play betting game once a week.
Considering participants' general ideas on IDDAA (betting game), [bar.
Items of "These kinds of change games such as IDDAA are an important occasion to be rich.
Considering participants' responds related to media on IDDAA (betting game), participants state that newspapers play an important role to widespread the betting game on "I totally agree.
Considering participants' responds on IDDAA (betting game) by regarding Table 8, "I believe in that there is match fixing at some matches.