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Current Drugs' IDdb delivers content in a manner that enables integration with a client's own proprietary data and supports the researcher work flow by using a proprietary thesaurus.
* A new Personalize section, allowing users to create their own customized entry page to the IDdb, personalize a range of different reports from the database, and manage saved searches and other customized functions
* Extended capabilities to link to other resources on the Internet and/or intranet and to integrate the IDdb with third-party databases.
* A comprehensive Knowledge Management environment that allows intelligence supplied through the IDdb to be combined with the company's own resources and shared via the corporate intranet
The software used in IDdb 3.0 has been specifically developed by Current Drugs, Ltd.
In addition to software enhancements, the new version will incorporate data from third-party publishers not previously available via the IDdb. These will be available as optional add-on modules to the database and include corporate and financial information, investment research information, a new patent intelligence database from Current Patents, Ltd.
Corporate customers will have the option to install IDdb on their intranets or access a new extranet service operated by Current Drugs in alliance with EMC Corporation.
Commenting on the new version of the IDdb, Current Drugs' managing director Ian Tarr said, "This version brings together many of the ideas we've had for improving our service and incorporates a range of suggestions from customers.
patent cited in the IDdb via the patent number displayed.
Perhaps the single most important feature of the IDdb is the analysis and commentary on the information collected, performed by leading R&D decision-makers, which highlights the key R&D trends as they emerge.
A popular feature of the IDdb at demonstrations and test sites has been the Windows-based interface.
For a free demonstration diskette of die IDdb under Windows, contact lan Tarr, Phone: 44+(0)71 580-8393.