IDEAAInstitutional Diversity, Equity and Affirmative Action (Georgetown University; Washington, DC)
IDEAAInstituto de Etnopsicologia Amazonica Aplicada
IDEAAInternational Defense Educational & Acquisition Arrangement (US DoD)
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This brief article describes the International Defense Educational and Acquisition Arrangement (IDEAA) organization origins, purpose, importance, and direction for the future.
In 2009, the seminar was renamed the International Defense Educational and Acquisition Arrangement (IDEAA).
The overall objective of IDEAA is to improve the economy, efficiency and effectiveness of international training and education for acquisition/procurement management by active cooperation among national defense educational institutions with similar goals.
I'VE been in Disneyland Resort Paris for three days now and it strikes me that La Belle au Bois Dormant has got the right ideaA...
Another good ideaa: A temporary minor injuries unit will run in Cardiff on New Year's Eve.