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IDEALISTInformation Dissemination And European Awareness Launch for the Information Society Technologies Programme
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The Idealist Micro-D and the Idealist Skin Refinisher are pounds 30 each.
This notion of "Islam" as an irreducible entity that can be precisely defined and taken to be the agent of all change in Muslim societies is basically an idealist orientalist notion that has no historical validity either in representing historical reality or in explaining history.
"I know I am a dreamer, an idealist; but the world needs idealists to create the new discoveries of tomorrow."
* Idealist Micro-D Deep Thermal refinisher is new, gentle, at-home alternative to microdermabrasion from Estee Lauder.
RED SMITH, columnist extraordinaire: "Knute Rockne was the most interesting idealist I ever knew.
The idealist, for example, tends to see the tasks of legal institutional design and law reform at the constitutional, legislative, and administrative levels quite differently than the realist.
Staff members at acknowledged that the job posting seemed "sketchy" and "questionable." Executive Director Ami Dar noted several problems with the ad, including its stated preference for female applicants and its lack of specifics about salary and location.
According to Collins, Kant is not an idealist of any sort.
Most of the time, the distinction between a First Amendment Disabler and a First Amendment Idealist is irrelevant, since most First Amendment cases are decided the same way under both approaches.
The model of a humanistic culture of fairness for all, first theorized during the zenith of the Age of Reason in the late eighteenth century, appears an idealist's pipe dream.
Four overall approaches (conservative, idealist, liberal, radical) to the singular definitiveness of Jesus are analyzed with admirable scholarly rigor.
Throughout, Sell displays towards the idealist project a friendly sympathy that does him credit: it took a stand against naturalism and deism and the solipsistic tendencies of much contemporary epistemology, and had a confident belief that Christian thought should be drawing on as wide a range of human experience as possible, notably on religious and ethical experience; and it affirmed in some important sense an intimacy between God and his world.