IDEBInternational Defence Exhibition Bratislava (Bratislava, Slovak Republic)
IDEBInstitute of Diploma Engineers Bangladesh
IDEBInternationalizing Doctoral Education in Business
IDEBInfectious Disease Epidemiology Bureau (Santa Fe, NM)
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Some Brazilian states and municipalities, including Rio de Janeiro, have introduced teacher merit-pay schemes based on school IDEB scores.
The Nagarjuna Construction Company uses it for its projects both in India and the Middle East while Chennai-based Navin Housing, RDS Projects of Delhi and Bengaluru's IDEB, WoodKraft and SNC Power Corporation are all satisfied clients.
Within a short span of under 15 months, the company has quickly garnered 7 customers on the combined solution including Nagarjuna Construction Company (India and Middle East), Navin Housing (Chennai), RDS Projects (Delhi), IDEB (Bengaluru), WoodKraft (Bengaluru), and SNC Power Corporation (Bengaluru).