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IDEF0Integrated Definition for Function Modeling
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Caption: FIGURE 8: Factory layout activity modelling using IDEF0 (breakdown structure of the activity "Design the detailed layout").
[13] "IEEE Standard for Funtional Modeling Language--Syntax and Semantic for IDEF0," IEEE Std 1320.1-1998, p.
La sub-funcion de programacion de la produccion (A2) es la primera actividad que se identifica en el modelo IDEF0 del metodo de programacion de la produccion de la Figura 4, el objetivo principal de esta actividad es la elaboracion del programa de produccion para la UPH a partir de la recepcion de una orden de produccion entregada por el nivel 4.
[31] NIST, FIPS Publication 183: Integration Definition of Function Modeling (IDEF0), National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, Md, USA, 1993.
The proposed IMF for future RME is illustrated and documented through IDEF0 diagrams in this paper and is composed of an integrated use of EM and SM, which is described in this paper in detail.
According methodologies IDEF0 process introduces in the manner of functional block, which will convert input in output at presence necessary mechanism (the resource) in operated condition.
A typical notation to represent this kind of flow is IDEF0 (IDEF0, 1993).
In designing such systems, a set of advanced enterprise modelling techniques are available that include CIMOSA, GERAM, IDEF0, IDEFIX, GRAI-GIM, PERA, UML, polychromatic sets, interpretive approach, among others (Halpin, 2001; Skok and Legge, 2002; Gulla and Brasethvik, 2002; Softer et al., 2003; Li and Xu, 2003; Mertins and Jochem, 2005; Wang et al., 2005b; Xu et al., 2005).
For each of the objectives, a model is produced, beginning with a generalized model using Integrated Definition 0 (IDEF0) as a basis, shown in Figure 2.
[1994] found that they needed to use a dual-mode technique, i.e., textual and graphical, to support multiuser process modeling using the IDEF0 [Mayer et al.
The approach has been used to provide axiomatizations of IDEF0 and IDEF1X.