IDEF3Integrated Definition 3 (standard workflow graphical representation format)
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This research aims to demonstrate the roles of using XML for managing supply chain both inside and outside of a garment enterprise case study, which produces high quality men's shirt by using IDEF0, IDEF3 diagram and a software prototype to solve these problem as well as to indicate the advantages and drawbacks of using XML in this case study.
Through the use of IDEF0 and IDEF3 diagram to depict the current business process with aims to find problems within the activities and create new business model according to the XML approach with aims to improve the current work efficiency.
ARDs correspond roughly to IDEF3 boxes, as seen in figures 4 and 5.
Such information is often relegated to text in a graphic model but is just as critical as the process-structure information represented explicitly by the boxes and arrows of IDEF3. Hence, we introduce a similar mechanism--object declarations--for introducing the participating objects into process models:
Given this apparatus then, we can capture both the structural information indicated by the earlier IDEF3 diagram as well as implicit content about participating objects.
One of the best specified languages for representing work processes in the physical word is IDEF3, developed by the U.S.
When we apply IDEF3 for the design of information work, the lowest event level is a user task, in which users interact with information systems to accomplish work goals.
These attribute clusters can be derived from our IDEF3 model by analyzing the utilization of information over the tasks.