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IDENTIFYInteractive Design Using a Network of Transputers in Fluids
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Conceivably, police could compile a log of many individuals' typing patterns and then identify users of public computers, such as those in libraries, Picardi says.
Identify yourself by name, address, and hometown within his/her legislative district.
There is a concerted effort to identify the remains using the latest scientific technology and notify the next of kin of those who vanished decades ago.
Sometimes it requires a nudge to get people to identify and submit risks.
Therefore, it is helpful for faculty to be familiar with some of the ways to identify learning goals.
* Companies need to reconcile all accounts that could contain a significant or material misstatement and post all necessary adjustments to the general ledger in a timely manner rather than allowing their external auditor to identify such misstatements during its review of the company's SEC filings.
In addition to testing controls annually, many companies are taking a closer look at their processes and controls following their initial compliance efforts to identify opportunities for process efficiencies and reduce the volume of key controls.
Even large, sophisticated corporate taxpayers can fail to identify hedges.
[section] 1.1031(k)-1(c)(4)(i), the maximum number of replacement properties that a taxpayer is permitted to identify is:
Students will identify, apply, and practice strategies to reduce name calling and rumor spreading.
In other words, students learn better when instructors plan ahead and identify what they want students to learn and the methods they plan to use to teach the students.
Identify lower-risk areas where reliance on the testing of company level controls is sufficient;