IDFIIndiana Department of Financial Institutions
IDFIIloilo Dinagyang Foundation Inc. (Iloilo City, Philippines)
IDFIIle de France Immobilier (French: Ile de France Real Estate)
IDFIIllinois Department of Financial Institutions
IDFIInternational Dance Festival Ireland (Ireland)
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The MOA also provides that all community activities during the festival period starting January 1, will be exclusively and officially managed by the IDFI through the board and that the city government will be providing needed permits and licenses for the celebration.
The IDFI will also source out the remaining funds of P17 million through fund raising activities, which are not limited to sponsorships, sales of festival tickets, donations, food festival kiosks and advertisements.
El IDFI es un promedio ponderado de los indices de endeudamiento, dependencia y capacidad de operacion; y el IDS es un promedio ponderado de los indices de infraestructura y cobertura de servicios.