IDFSInvasive Disease-Free Survival
IDFSIntegrated Definitive Feasibility Study (Gladstone Pacific Nickel, Ltd.; Australia)
IDFSInstrument Data File Set
IDFSIndustry Distribution and Financial Services (International Air Transport Association)
IDFSInstrument Description File System
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There are an average of 50 wire station cables from the IDFs to specific work areas, connecting to the information port on each workstation.
According to the first interim analysis of the primary endpoint, the superiority of Kadcyla over Herceptin in IDFS has been confirmed (unstratified hazard ratio: 0.50 [95% confidence interval: 0.39-0.64, log-rank test, p
This approval is based on results of the Phase III KATHERINE study showing Kadcyla significantly reduced the risk of invasive breast cancer recurrence or death from any cause (invasive disease-free survival; iDFS) by 50% (HR=0.50, 95% CI 0.39-0.64, p<0.0001) compared to Herceptin as an adjuvant treatment in people with HER2-positive EBC who have residual invasive disease after neoadjuvant taxane and Herceptin-based treatment.
Kadcyla improved iDFS irrespective of hormone receptor status, lymph node status and prior HER2-targeted treatment regimen received in the neoadjuvant setting.
A monitor supplied by the IDFs chief surgeon Trauma Branch transmits vital information to the crews on the ground, in addition to a video camera for two-way communication with the patient.
Soldiers in the IDFs Unit 8200 thwarted a major Islamic State terror attack this past summer which aimed to bring down a civilian airliner headed from the Australian city of Sydney to Abu Dhabi, the army has revealed.
The arena's communications infrastructure features more than 12,000 active internet ports, over 200 virtual LANs (VLANs) and 45 intermediate distribution frames (IDFs), which connect telecommunications cables between end-user devices and a main distribution frame.
The recommendations of the study included strengthening of lending institutions like IDFs etc.
(111) The IDF invasion triggered a vigorous local resistance movement, the Hezbollah, which became the IDFs main military adversary for many years.
* The Dairy Pavilion presented by IDFS, which replaces IDFA's International Dairy Show.
Generally, the best way to meet all of these requirements is by selecting one of the insurance dedicated funds (IDFs) now offered by many investment firms.