IDFTInverse Discrete Fourier Transform
IDFTInterprocedural Data Flow Testing
IDFTInactive Duty Flying Training
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Given the frequency sweeping interval and IDFT length, the maximum average length can be then conservatively set to 65.
where X is frequency-domain input vector, [T.sup.-1] is IDFT matrix.
Frequency domain signal [[??].sub.H] is transformed by means of IDFT in time domain unequalized signal [[??].sub.H].
where [n.sub.d] is the arrival time difference between the two signals from BS 1 and BS 2, [g.sub.1] and [g.sub.2] are the IDFT's of [H.sub.1] (k) and [H.sub.2] (k), respectively.
To maximally show the superiority of compressive sensing theory, we focus on the performance of CQI feedback compression based on CS by using IDFT in our experiments.
Compared to the conventional OFDM, DFT-S OFDM scheme contains one more DFT operation in the signal modulation and one more IDFT in the signal demodulation.
OFDM: Orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing DOA: Direction of arrival MUSIC: Multiple signal classification DOD: Direction of departure RMSE: Root-mean-square errors ULA: Uniform linear array IDFT: Inverse discrete Fourier transform SNR: Signal-noise ratio ML: Maximum likelihood CRB: Cramer-Rao bound FPGA: Field programmable gate Array GPU: Graphics processing units.
The subcarriers in time domain, [x.sub.k,l] are obtained at the output of inverse discrete Fourier transform (IDFT) block as
McBride provided some background on the work that the CE program office has done pertaining to individual diaries, in particular the Individual Diaries Feasibility Test (IDFT) and the Proof of Concept (POC) Test.
The algorithm will be repeated from inverse DFT (IDFT) to DFT using the new [[PHI].sub.i] until the clipped multisine no longer has lower CF.