IDGEIsothermal Dendritic Growth Experiment
IDGEImperfect Delay and Gain Estimation (CDMA)
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For too long we have not worked closely enough with the community but this scheme is all about building br idges and becoming more Cumbernauld based.
It's unique, in that the river runs in a deep cutting, with man-made walkways and br idges allowing tourists and townsfolk to stroll down below or take food and drink at the riverside restaurants and bars.
It is pointed out that the coal in which these cartr idges were found would have left the colliery before the promise by Sir Ben Smith, chairman of the West Midlands Region, of a tightening up of safety after the discovery of explosives in the coal at Witton Wharf earlier this month.
The 35,000sq ft shop was launched at London store Sel f r idges to k ick of f London Fashion Week.