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Quando o peso economico foi PA, os ganhos previstos para NF e PT (5,93% e 4,53%, respectivamente) foram as melhores alternativas de ganho dentro deste indice, embora quando comparados com os outros indices nao parametricos, como o de Mulamba e Mock e o IDGI, estes pesos, baseados em parametros geneticos, podem ser descartados.
Entretanto, estes ganhos foram menores do que os obtidos quando se utilizou do procedimento de Mulamba e Mock e a distancia do genotipo ao ideotipo (IDGI).
IDGI was founded in April 2008 and received its first contract to work the nation's premier business-to-business direct marketer of office products, business furniture, and technology supplies.
Due to this success, the client requested IDGI open another office.
We take a lot of pride in providing high quality work for our clients and as a result, we have had a great first few years,” explains Jeremy Johnson, President at IDGI.
In this third year, IDGI has been able to expand to a third location.
I am looking forward to seeing what we accomplish in the next year,” explains Jeremy Johnson, President of IDGI, Inc.
IDGI now represents market-shares in four states and plans to take on 2 new clients within the next year.
Due to this rapid success in the first year, the client asked that IDGI open a new office to cover more of their market share.
Once again, the clients asked that IDGI expand to a new location and cover more client range.
We still have so much room to grow and I am excited to see people on the team step up and take on the added work,” explains President of IDGI, Jeremy Johnson.