IDHIndice de Développement Humain (French: Human Development Index)
IDHIntermediate Disturbance Hypothesis (ecology)
IDHId Help
IDHIsocitric Dehydrogenase
IDHintradialytic hypotension
IDHIstinye Devlet Hastanesi (Turkish: Istinye State Hospital; Istinye, Istanbul, Turkey)
IDHIndependent Design House (various organizations)
IDHInstituto do Homem (Brasil)
IDHIntegrated Door Hardware
IDHIndirect Hire
IDHInterface Design Handbook
IDHInternational Design House (Hong Kong)
IDHInternational Data Harmonization (software)
IDHImmediately Dangerous to Health (environmental and industrial regulations)
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For his part, Ted van der Put, IDH executive director and who headed the delegation of the agency, said that "the leadership of the Minister of Agriculture is very important.
Considering the aforementioned findings, early detection of IDH through timely interventions by nephrology nurses serve as a valuable pre-emptive measure.
For example, astrocytomas harboring IDH mutations are also frequently mutated for ATRX and TP53, whereas oligodendrogliomas frequently show mutations in FUBP1 or CIC.
2 Herein we have reviewed the evidence on the effect of IDH 1 mutation on the survival of patients with GBM.
Our data indicated that in the patients with PMF, combined ASXL1 and JAK2V617F mutations and the co-presence of ASXL1 and IDH mutations had a significant effect on bleeding complications.
An almost absurd paradox in the international industry, this is what the Utrecht-based IDH is trying to address in its Sustainable Coffee Program.
sup][6],[34] A recent report from the neuro-oncology working group (NOA) of the German Cancer Society confirmed a predictive value of MGMT methylation for benefit from chemotherapy in patients with a wild-type IDH, independent of tumor grade.
The IDH Executive Director also said security solutions seem "insufficient," recommending, in this regard, the adoption of an inclusive and comprehensive national strategy to combat terrorism.
Hasta la fecha, el TEDH se ha referido a la jurisprudencia de la Corte IDH en un total de 24 asuntos, de los cuales 12 son de Gran Sala (TEDH, 1996; 1998; 2005a; 2005b; 2007; 2009a; 2009b; 2009d; 2009e; 2010; 2011a; 2011b) y otros 12 son de una de las Salas del TEDH (2000; 2006a; 2006b; 2008a; 2008b; 2009c; 2012a; 2012b; 2012c; 2012e; 2013b; 2013c).
En adelante el PNUD (2010b; 2011b) ha invitado a introducir cambios en el IDH dadas las especificidades y los problemas caracteristicos de cada pais o region.
Durante esta visita se aplicaron las encuestas utilizando el formato de IDH (PNUD, 2002) tanto a los beneficiarios como a los no beneficiarios del proyecto, con la finalidad de poder determinar diferencias entre ambos grupos.