IDHAInternational District Housing Alliance
IDHAIdaho Dental Hygienists' Association (Filer, ID)
IDHAInternational Diploma in Humanitarian Assistance
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Alt al-Hulwant (or al-Halwani) (1097-1151), is excoriated by Ibn Taymiyya, al-Sarim al-maslul, 6, for having said: "It makes sense that one who insults God and His messenger not be killed if he is a dhimmi" (yuhtamalu an la yuqtala man sabba llaha wa-rasulahu idha kana dhimmiyyan).
The successful completion of this milestone allows the IDHA Element to begin the detailed design phase, moving the program closer to production.
Songstress Idha, right, is glad that the Swedish scene - led by The Cardigans and The Wannadies - is shaking off the shadow of the Seventies at last.
The initial step for interested professionals would be to contact the Ministry of Health or the IDHA, whose board members would be happy to advise on the process.
I volunteered as meeting coordinator, delegate to IDHA, vice president, and now serve my second term as president of NSDHS.
The inventor of CHUB-EZE instrument grips, she has been a member of ADHA and Idaho Dental Hygienists' Association since 1981 as a student and has held numerous state offices including 2 terms as IDHA President and 5 years as IDHA Delegate to ADHA, 1984-1989.
Each tribe pounced on the Muslims among them, incarcerating them and torturing them (yahbisunahum wa-yu'adhdhibunahum) with beatings, starvation, deprivation from water ('atash), and by putting them on sun-baked ground when the heat intensified (bi-ramda idha ishtadda l-harru).
Jami' al-Tirmidhi, kitab al-salat, bab ma ja'a fi istiqbal ad-imam idha khaiaba.
idha arsalat kaffu al-walidi ki'amahu yamujju sulafan min rahiqin mu'attabi (12) When the lad let go of the rope in his hand He poured forth the choicest of brewed wine (13)
8, 2010 (TAP)- The Mufti of the Republic announced, in a statement published today, that Eid El Idha will be celebrated next Tuesday .
Idha qalla ma'u l-wajhi qalla hayya uhu wa-la khayra fi wajhin idh qalla ma'uhu If a face has little water it has little shame There is no good in a face which has little water on it.
18, 2009 (TAP) - The Mufti of the Republic, in a communiquE[umlaut] made public today, announces that, given the fact that Wednesday is the first day of Dhu el Hijja month, 1430 of Hegira, this year's Eid el Idha, i.