IDICInfinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations
IDICIsodicentric (chromosomal malformation)
IDICInstituto de Investigaciones Cientificas (Spanish: Institute for Scientific Research; various locations)
IDICInfinite Diversity in Infinite Combination
IDICIdentify, Differentiate, Interact, Customize (marketing model)
IDICInternational Diving Instructor Corporation
IDICIndefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity
IDICIntelligence Division Indication Center
IDICIGAD Documentation and Information Centre (Inter-Governmental Authority on Development)
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With a 7% stake in the company holding shares in the Iranian equivalent of Amazon -- which is the poster child of all start-ups in Iran -- IDIC has provided us with access to significant upside in the e-commerce sector and we will keep this as a long term investment in the portfolio, although the weighting may vary.
An IDIC official says more overseas Taiwanese merchants have returned to invest on the island for gradually improving investment climate in tandem with lowering to 10% in the inheritance and gift taxes from the original ceiling of 50%.