IDIDInternal Diesel Injector Deposits (automotive technology)
IDIDInherited Diseases in Dogs
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Typically IDID cause sticking of the internal moving parts of the fuel injector while nozzle deposits typically cause a physical blockage in the channel.
IDID are seen as especially troublesome as they may lead to unacceptable engine and emission performance.
10 include: (i) the planned annual state-of-the-art report by the SGSR Council, (ii) recent and dramatic alterations of standard meeting formats in the American Society for Cybernetics and the SGSR which set aside significant portions of meeting time for comparing, arguing about, and synthesizing papers rather than just delivering them, (iii) the IDID technique described above to carry on synthesis-directed interchange among meeting participants between annual meetings, and (iv) current debate over which terms and definitions should be included in a systems glossary (see Section 3.
IDID the anti-Wimbledon Derby brigade notice the result of the second heat of the Kent Derby at `superb gallop' Sittingbourne last week?
IDID not have the pleasure of reading George Tyndale's article but I assume that it was about Gazza.
IDID not pay much attention to Michael Caulfield's comments on the Jockeys' Association's recent discussions with the Racehorse Owners' Association and I did not see Nick Robinson's response.
IDID something I've never done before in my life on Monday.
IDID a programme the other week called Forgiveness.
IDID a bit of a Prince Harry down the Red Lion the other day.
IDID something last month that in all my years as I trade unionist I have never done before.
IDID the pre-match tour of the lounges at St Mary's last weekend and one theme was universal: James Beattie was going to score.