IDIGBIOIntegrated Digitized Biocollections (US NSF)
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Records in biodiversity databases are constantly changed and updated, so all data from iDigBio, GBIF, and Vertnet were obtained on 31 August 2015.
We have also searched VertNet ( and iDigBio ( records.
Specimens at the UDCC (including loan) were provided 2D barcode labels, and label data were captured for online presentation (visualized at Discover Life at, these data accessible from iDigBio at using "Arthropod Easy Data Capture" (Schuh et al.
Museum records were collected from iDigBio, the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF), and Vertnet.
The location data from iDigBio, GBIF, and Vertnet used in this paper were accessed on 31 August 2015.