IDIVInteger Divide
IDIVInterim Division (similar to IBCT, Interim Brigade Combat Team)
IDIVInstitut Der Immobilien Verwalter (German: Institute of Real Estate Managers)
IDIVInsan Dost Ihsan Vakfi (Turkish: Human Friendly Gift Foundation)
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Since it is expected that the majority of nondivisional engineer units will be in the Legacy Force for some time, we need to examine the nuances of our Legacy Forces working with SBCTs and, eventually, IDIVs. Some of the obstacles are digital integration/awareness, establishing digital-analog integration procedures, and the challenges with austere logistics.
Na tabela 1, sao demonstradas as estatisticas descritivas do IBOV e do IDIV O indice BOVESPA teve media de 28519,72 e desvio padrao de 15729,29.
The Engineer Regiment in the Interim Division (IDIV) provides the maneuver commander with engineer command and control, mobility (to include assault bridging with the REBS), countermobility; survivability, general engineering (both vertical and horizontal construction), and embedded geospatial engineering support.
This session focused on taking a firsthand look at the engineer units in the Interim Brigade Combat Team (IBCT) and Interim Division (IDIV) and recommending changes--across doctrine, training, leader development, organization, materiel, and soldiers (DTLOMS)--to help ensure optimal bang for the buck.
The IDIV Engineer organization will have organic horizontal and vertical construction assets that must fit into a C-130.
The Interim Brigade Combat Team (IBCT) at Fort Lewis, Washington; the Interim Armored Vehicle; and the Interim Division (IDIV) are also recent headline news.