IDLSInternet Data Library System
IDLSIntegrated Development of Leather Sector (India)
IDLSInterdisciplinary Liberal Studies
IDLSInternational Data Link Symposium
IDLSIntelligent Dome Light System
IDLSInternational Data Leased Service
IDLSIntegrated Delivery and Logistics System (Dash Logistics Systems, Inc.)
IDLSIntegrated Duplexer and LNA Splitter
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[6] Nonstandard abbreviations: nonHDLc, nonhigh density lipoprotein cholesterol; apo B, apolipoprotein B; LDLp, LDL particle concentration; CHD, coronary heart disease; LDLc, LDL cholesterol concentration; IDL, intermediate density lipoproteins; CVD, cardiovascular disease; WHS, Women's Health Study; TC,total cholesterol; MI, myocardial infarction; CABG, coronary artery bypass graft; HR, hazard ratio; MetS, metabolic syndrome; BMI, body mass index; hsCRP, high-sensitivity C-reactive protein; ASCVD, arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease.
However, the MSH2-MSH6 focuses on the recognition of heterodimers single base-base mismatches and small insertion/deletion loops (IDLs).
Improvement efforts have included transportation mapping for the movement of LCS mission modules, validation of distribution lanes, analyzes and recommendations for forward stocking of repair parts and consumable items, and formulation of Integrated Distribution Lanes (IDL) and Time Definite Delivery (TDD) standards.
The "far" section is the remote location connected via the IDLS system.
USTRANSCOM's DPO designation rejuvenated efforts to establish best practices and became the catalyst for refining a measurement framework for end-to-end performance called Integrated Distribution Lanes (IDL).
Topics included eliminating the student teaching fee, developing a graduate student lounge, expanding the hours of operation of the reading center housed in the education building, revising the students' Inter Disciplinary Liberal Studies (IDLS) major, and enhancing the treatment of students by one of the college's support services.
The in vivo functions of HL are unclear, but previous studies have suggested that HL catalyzes the hydrolysis of triglycerides from IDLs and LDLs and takes part in the metabolism of HDLs and the uptake of remnant lipoproteins in the liver (Santamarina-Fojo et al., 1998).
What I later learned was that I could put the localizer itself, IDLS, as the fix and get a GPS distance that is a legal substitute for DME, but I didn't know that at the time.
The CNIB Library recognized the opportunity to create more content faster, provide more choice and accessibility, and to streamline and revolutionize processes by building the Integrated Digital Library System (IDLS) in partnership with industry technology leaders.
To maintain their level of commitment, the company purchased a dataTaker logging system from one of dataTaker's official distributors, Integrated Data Logging Solutions (IDLS) based in Northamptonshire.
We were using technologies such as ISDN and IDLS to videoconference with other sites.
Data used in this essay was gathered during a one-year ethnographic study of the inaugural year of an interactive, video-based, 2-site, distance classroom called the Interactive Distance Learning Studio (IDLS).