IDMAInsurance Data Management Association
IDMAInternational Dance Music Awards (Winter Music Conference; Florida)
IDMAInternational Diamond Manufacturers Association
IDMAInterleave Division Multiple Access
IDMAInstituto de Desarrollo Y Medio Ambiente (Spanish: Institute for Development and Environment)
IDMAIrish Direct Marketing Association
IDMAIt Doesn't Mean Anything
IDMAInternational Dancing Masters' Association (now International Dance Teachers Association; UK)
IDMAInterdisciplinary Master of Arts (University of Pittsburgh; Pittsburgh, PA)
IDMAInternal Direct Memory Access
IDMAInternational Doll Makers Association
IDMAIdentity Driven Management Architecture (ProCurves)
IDMAInternational Digital Media Association
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The main independent variables in Equation (4) are IDMA measures, evaluated as Number of Directorships, Overlapping Ratio, Relative Number of Directorships, and Relative Overlapping Ratio.
According to IDMA official, "While we agree that irrational formulations need to be weeded out, we are rather surprised and shocked to find that the FDCs which had been approved by DCGI, as well as products which are in market prior to 1988 which earlier the government had notified as rational, are also featuring in the current list of banned products.
Among these techniques, we can find MC-CDMA (Multicarrier-CDMA), OFDMA (Orthogonal FDMA), SC-FDMA (Single Carrier FDMA), and IDMA (Interleave Division Multiple Access).
IDMA said such incentives could potentially add 1,000 more WHO GMP-compliant units to the CMO sector.
Motivated by all reasons given above, we propose a dualhop N-relay assisted communication model for IDMA system with DF relaying over Weibull fading channels.
Victor's encouragement and contribution to our growth have been invaluable," Tyrcha said of Gerdes, who has served on the IDMA Academic Advisory Committee and the Executive Committee.
IDMA exhibits some unique features that should be intelligently reflected in the design of an effective CAC.
The IDMA has urged Chinese pharmaceutical companies to cooperate with their Indian counterparts in a win-win partnership to supply global generic medicine needs.
Continuing Education Credits are available for CPCU, IDMA, RPA and CIFI designees.
Since this is also known that one new multiple access technique called IDMA is proposed for future wire less communication system, which is the advanced version of CDMA, and removes the problems of MAI and ISI.
Several Organizations like the IDMA (Indian Drugs Manufactures Association), and the OPPI (Organization of Pharmaceuticals Producers of India) work with the objective of building on India's existing strength in manufacturing and distribution of pharmaceuticals and play a very important role in marshalling the data of the Industry efficiently.
industry, but in India IDMA serves as a strong counterweight to those