IDMDInsurance Designers of Maryland (Sparks, MD)
IDMDInternal Debt Management Department (India)
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As the title implies, this guide covers much the same ground as the IDMD but with updated (and more extensive) worklists and--this is a nice way of presenting a bibliography--"further reading.
former President and CEO of IDMD, stated, "IDMedical's unique software will clearly complement ToolTrust's relationships in the non-profit world, as well as other areas.
The Array family of companies employ more than 700 individuals and comprises American Manufacturing Company, acquired November 2000, based in Chattanooga, TN; IDMD Design and Manufacturing -- whose acquisition was announced January 22, 2001, with offices in Chicago, New York, Toronto, Canada and Paris, France; KCS Industries, acquired July 2000, based in Wisconsin; and Thomson-Leeds Company, acquired September 2000, based in New York.