IDNCInput Data Not Consistent (Alcatel)
IDNCI Do Not Care
IDNCInternational Diploma in Networks and Cybersecurity (various locations)
IDNCIngersoll District Nature Club (Canada)
IDNCintelligent design by natural causes
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The packets-selecting algorithm uses the IDNC algorithm in this simulation, which is briefly introduced in section 4.
In reference [25], the writers proposed the IDNC algorithm in PMP network.
Then search the maximal clique [26][27] from the IDNC graph to obtain the transmission packets combination.
In order to find the transmission packets, we propose a layer cooperation IDNC (LCID) algorithm.
And then find packets combition for each transmitter by using the IDNC algorithm or our proposed LCIDW algorithm.
We compared the traditional IDNC algorithm (denoted as [PI-NL.sub.1], PLW-[L.sub.1] corresponding to case 1 and case 2 respectively) with our proposed algorithm (denoted as [DI-NL.sub.1], [DLW-L.sub.1] corresponding to case 1 and case 2 respectively).