IDNKI Do Not Know
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With more knowledgeable selections, indicated with the lowest IDNK percentage (20.4 percent), the logistics group assessed the highest maturity level for CAAA (3.42); whereas manufacturing, with the highest IDNK percentage (47.4 percent), assessed the lowest maturity level (2.73).
A limitation of this study rested upon a common understanding of the SCM terms used in the survey, meaning that some of the respondents' answers may have been hunches or more appropriately identified with the IDNK selections.
SURVEY PARTICIPANT RESPONSES Group ML [sigma] IDNK % Command 3.31 1.13 34.2% Logistics 3.42 1.38 20.4% Manufacturing 2.73 1.31 47.4% Staff 2.95 1.35 42.8% Overall 3.04 4.71 39.5% Note.