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IDOIndio (Amtrak station code; Indo, CA)
IDOindoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase
IDOInternational Dance Organization
IDOInterpolated Dynamic Oversampling
IDOIndustrial Diesel Oil (oil refining)
IDOInternational Development Organization
IDOIdaho Operations Office
IDOInstituto de Oceanologia (Spanish: Institute of Oceanology; Cuba)
IDOInstallation Deployment Officer
IDOIntermediate Development Outcome (agriculture)
IDOInitial Defensive Operations
IDOInvestment Development Office (various organizations)
IDOInternational Defense Organization
IDOIstanbul Deniz Otobüsleri A.S. (Istanbul Sea Bus Corp.)
IDOInformation Dissemination Organization
IDOIncentive Determining Official
IDOIslamic Development Organization (Tehran, Iran)
IDOIndoctrination Duty Officer
IDOInformal Design Overview
IDOIdentification Operator
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and once again, our path led us to one of our most special collaborators on this journey - Ido Portal.
Speaking about the launch, Andrew Phelagti, media networks principal at Telstra, said: "By partnering with Broadpeak, we have developed IDO, which allows the use of optimisation capabilities in our mobile network such as LTE broadcast and HEVC video to be dynamically orchestrated in real time.
Levels of IL-17 and IDO were measured in total proteins extracted from cultured biopsies after a 20-hour culture period.
In the press release of the research, Kolhe said, "we want to help people who are not responding to treatment and are dying very soon after their diagnosis." An early-phase clinical study is already underway to begin to explore the IDO inhibitor's clinical potential in these patients.
In the early stage of leprosy infection, a high level of IDO level can already be found; therefore, it can affect immune response and ultimately affecting further course of the disease.
The sections were incubated at 4[degrees]C overnight with IDO antiserum (Abcam Co., Cambridge, MA, USA) diluted at 1:200 in PBS with 5% bovine serum albumin (BSA; Amresco Inc., Solon, OH, USA).
Furthermore, ICAM-1 blocking on hASC and the T cell surface significantly restored lymphocyte proliferation and led to upregulation of CD25 surface expression on T cells but did not affect IDO expression, confirming that ICAM-1 acts through a distinct mechanism than paracrine immune suppression.
Do you think some of the incubatees have the potential to convert into a successful innovation oriented business and eligible to attract investment from IDO?
IDO, majority owned by SGRF with 60% of the shares, will be used to invest and nurture start-ups that will benefit the broader Omani economy.
July 11, 2015 (KHARTOUM) - The Islamic Dawa Organization (IDO) in Sudan announced the temporary suspension of its humanitarian activities In the Upper Nile Sate as fighting between the warring parties continue to escalate in the region.