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IDOCIllinois Department of Corrections
IDOCIdaho Department of Correction
IDOCIntermediate Document (SAP)
IDOCIntermediate Document
IDOCInstitutional Documentation Service (education)
IDOCIn Danger of Collapse (gaming, Ultima Online house condition)
IDOCInternational Documentation Centre (Italy)
IDOCIntrusion Detection Optical Communication
IDOCInternal Dynamic Overload Control
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IDOC continues to strive to enhance its health and wellness initiatives through menu development and education programs linked to medical services.
IDOC received the award in acknowledgement of its close collaboration with
Patients can also access the iDoc website on their computers at home and pick up their prescription medicine at one of 10 Unity outlets.
DCHD, IDOC, and other local health departments conducted risk assessment and monitoring for 166 state and local responders.
Despite denying journalists' access to jails, Illinois permitted prison access to a multitude of different organizations: "school groups, church groups, [and] The John Howard [Association]." (85) Jeffrey Colman, one of the attorneys working with WBEZ, argued that IDOC gave in because "they knew that to give access to John Howard and not the media raised a significant equal protection claim under the Fourteenth Amendment." (86)
They describe a project conducted in Fiji as part of the IDOC work that Nea advocated so strongly for.
iDoc is an affordable supplement to any EHR, enabling documents to be added to complete an EHR or convenient storage of old data, said Leslie Mack, senior director, iDoc, CareTech Solutions.
Outlined below are some of the changes the Iowa Medical and Classification Center (IMCC) and the Iowa Department of Corrections (IDOC) have made to better facilitate care for offenders with mental illnesses.
The SEPA Accelerator includes support for the multiple standards that may be required for data integration purposes and transformation such as, ISO 20022, CGI, IDOC, SWIFT FIN MT 1xx, 2xx, 9xx series, EDIFACT and also supports varying volumes and preferred connectivity routes via SWIFTNet, SAP FSN or EBICS.
To enhance the SAVIN system, the IJIS Institute worked with the Indiana Department of Correction (IDOC) and the Indiana Supreme Court's technology Department.
"These inmates learn the construction trade, the satisfaction of a hard day's work, the importance of self worth and giving back to others all valuable lessons that will greatly help them successfully reenter their communities," IDOC Director Tony Godinez said in a statement.