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Horace characterizes each of these examples briefly: Helen, for her attraction to her adulterer's external appearance, wealth, and splendor; Teucer, for bowmanship; Idomeneus and Sthenelus, for praiseworthy fighting; Hector and Deiphobus, fierce and savage, for taking blows to protect chaste wives and children; and, last, Agamemnon, simply as one of many brave men.
Barr Our collaboration with Northumbria University final year BA (hons) Performance, Scriptwriting and Drama students includes performances of Roland Schimmelpfennig's Idomeneus directed by Rebecca Frecknall (working with Northern Stage for 18 months through the Regional Young Director Scheme), and More Light by Bryony Lavery directed by Amy Golding, alongside free script readings, presentations and a public symposium asking Do Young People Really Need Drama?
This passage describes the reaction to the aristeiai of Idomeneus and Meriones, stirred up by Poseidon to defend the ships.
X Caligo placidianus (Staudinger) X Caligo illioneus praxsidous (Fruhstorfer) X Caligo oileus umbratilis (Stichel) X Caligo idomeneus idomenides (Fruhstorfer) X Caligo eurylochus galba (Deyrolle) X Opoptera aorsa hilaris (Stichel) * X X Opsiphanes cassiae rubigatus (Stichel) X Opsiphanes invirae intermedius (Stichel) X Opsiphanes cassina ssp.
Idomeneus dared not stay, nor Agamemnon, Nor did the two Aiantes, Ares' henchmen, remain.
276-91 Idomeneus speaks at some length about lying in ambush as a special test of courage and spirit, [GREEK TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] then goes with both [GREEK TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] and [GREEK TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], and the sense is `the battle turmoil of shield men and their lying in ambush'.
The correspondences that he draws are not always entirely convincing: for instance he suggests that Achilles' ability to end the quarrel between Ajax and Idomeneus in Iliad 23 is a comment on Agamemnon's inability to end the dispute in Book 1, whereas the two incidents are not truly comparable because in the latter case Agamemnon himself is one of the disputants.
In this version Telemachus went in search of news of his father not to Menelaus in Sparta but to Idomeneus in Crete.
Territoriality by the dawn s early light: The neotropical owl butterfly Caligo idomeneus (Nymph: Brassolinae).
268); the sthenos, or "strength," of Idomeneus "addresses his attendant" (XIII.