IDOORIndustry Degraded Core
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Company officials say the iDOOR combines digital technology and in-store merchandising strategies that deliver proximity-based messaging for improved shopper engagement and conversion.
Table 1: EPI Objectives, Policy Categories, Indicators and Weight within EPI Objective Policy Indicators Weight Weight Categories within within Category EPI Environmental Environmental IDOOR .22 .50 Health Health WATSUP .22 ACSAT .22 MORTALITY .21 PM10 .13 Ecosystem Air PM10 .50 .10 Vitality Quality OZONE .50 and Natural Water NLOAD .50 .10 Resource Resources OVRSUB .50 Management Biodiversity OVRSUB .7 .10 and PWI .39 Habitat PACOV .39 HARVEST .15 Productive HARVEST .33 .10 Natura OVRFSH .33 Resources AGSUB .33 Sustainable ENEFF .43 .10 Energy RENPC .10 CO2GDP .47 Source: Statistical Economic and Social Research and Training Center for Islamic Countries (2010).
The notion of environmental health is new in the public consciousness, but thanks, alas, to toxic wastes seeping into schoolyards, chemical spills forcing the evacuaton of towns and smog "alerts" making people stay idoors, it is one of those issues that public opinion polls, as in last year's elections, show to be at the top of American concerns.