IDOPIowa Department of Personnel (human resources)
IDOPInternational Day of the Older Person (New Zealand)
IDOPIdentification Operational
IDOPIndirect Object Pronoun
IDOPInterfaith Day of Prayer (various locations)
IDOPInternational Day of Prayer
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The ADWC is supported by the TIC and IDOP, along with watchstanders and lookouts keeping an eye out for adverse elements.
To address these issues and ensure older patients with type 2 diabetes receive better care, IDOP has today launched the 'European Diabetes Working Party for Older People 2011 Clinical Guidelines for Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (EDWPOP)' - a set of user-friendly recommendations for doctors, nurses and care home managers who work with or care for older people with diabetes.
For more information about IDOP visit: http://instituteofdiabetes.
The company wanted to use IDOP to automate the inter-departmental processes to ensure better management of maintenance so that outage risk is minimized.
Using IBM's analytics and optimization technology, IDOP allows the power grid to draw data across the company to conduct analysis of possible factors causing outage and excessive energy consumption.