IDORIndiana Department of Revenue
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IDOR ruled against the hospital, and the courts upheld the IDOR ruling which found that Provena did not qualify for property tax exemption.
21) The IDOR may rescind all or a portion of the penalty under certain circumstances.
Taxpayers who have been contacted by the IRS or the IDOR regarding the use of a potential tax avoidance transaction with respect to a taxable year, and having a deficiency for such year attributable to the use of a potential tax avoidance transaction, are penalized an amount equal to 100 percent of the interest assessed under Illinois Uniform Penalty and Interest Act.
For taxable years ending after July 1, 2002, in situations where the taxpayer has not been contacted by the IRS or the IDOR regarding the use of potential tax avoidance transactions, taxpayers will be subject to interest at a rate of 150-percent of the otherwise applicable rate for any deficiency attributable to such transactions.
32) Rules, forms, and instructions will be forthcoming from the IDOR.
In 1994, IDOR installed a text-dependent speaker-verification system, configuring it to require anyone trying to access its computer network to voice-verify over a telephone line before being connected to a data line [3, 7].
IDOR officials report they have seen no evidence that any unauthorized person has gotten into its databases since speaker verification was installed.
The challenge from IDOR comes at a difficult time for providers, as the sector is being pressured by declining inpatient utilization, increasing charity and self-pay volumes, and tighter reimbursement from commercial and governmental payors.
Fraud prevention measures implemented by the Department of Revenue during last years tax season resulted in an overall savings of nearly $5 million that would have, otherwise, been paid, said Connie Beard, IDOR Director.
For electronic returns filed prior to March 1, 2016, IDOR anticipates refunds will be issued within two to three weeks from the March 1, 2016 date.
MyTax Illinois, IDOR s free filing system, is scheduled to begin accepting Individual Income Tax returns beginning in mid-February.
In efforts to implement a more efficient and eco-friendly solution, IDOR has an immediate need to implement the following process, which would automate data capturing and improve the Department%s business processes in compliance, processing, and information technology: