IDOVIndependent Demonstration of Viability (telecommunications)
IDOVIdentify, Design, Optimize, and Validate
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2, Pages 11-15 Figure 2: The three different versions of DFSS (Design for Six Sigma) DMADV IDOV Define--What is the new process, Identify--What are the needs and product or service?
OMVC applauds this week's agreement between LG Electronics and Samsung Electronics, the providers of the two leading ATSC-compliant mobile DTV systems submitted for the IDOV trials.
The OMVC initiated the IDOV trials at ATSC's request to assist with the technical information needed to adopt a standard for mobile broadcast technology.
OMVC initiated the IDOV trials at ATSC's request to accelerate the adoption of an effective, mobile DTV standard.
OMVC is confident that it will complete the IDOV field and lab tests and have results available in time to meet the mid-May timeframe established by ATSC.