IDOVIndependent Demonstration of Viability (telecommunications)
IDOVIdentify, Design, Optimize, and Validate
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"Moving Beyond the Russian-American Ghetto: The Fiction of Keith Gessen and Michael Idov." Russian Review 73, no.
In the literature we can see the data regarding use of ozone in the therapeutic doses which can render as an antibacterial and painkilling action; also it can improve metabolic and reparative processes (Idov, 1997; Shamsiev and Yuldashev, 1997; Shamsiev et al., 1999).
Three different versions of DFSS have been developed: DMADV (Define, Measure, Analyze, Design and Verify), IDOV (Identify, Design, Optimize and Verify), and DCOV (Design, Characterize, Optimize and Verify).
2, Pages 11-15 Figure 2: The three different versions of DFSS (Design for Six Sigma) DMADV IDOV Define--What is the new process, Identify--What are the needs and product or service?
Unlike Russian American writers such as Michael Idov, whose second book Chyos (2003) was written in Russian and published in Russia, Shteyngart writes in English (though his three novels have all been translated into Russian).
Masha Gessen, Keith Gessen's sister, and Michael Idov, the author of the novel Ground Up (2009) who became the Russian editor of GQ and for some time resided in Moscow, are the most prominent examples of Russian American returnees.
Award-winning journalist Michael Idov chronicles his odd daily life as the chief editor of GQ Russia in "Dressed Up for a Riot: Misadventures in Putin's Moscow." He told DW how the opposition evolved since the 2010s.In "Dressed Up for a Riot: Misadventures in Putin's Moscow," Michael Idov recounts his wildly hilarious stint working as the editor-in-chief of GQ Russia from 2012 to 2014.
Born in Latvia (then part of the Soviet Union), as a teenager Idov moved to the US, where he became a three-time National Magazine award-winning journalist.