IDPEIdentify, Decide, Predict, Execute
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O maior vigor das plantas, caracterizado pelo IDPE (incremento do diametro do tronco do porta-enxerto) e IDC (incremento do diametro do tronco da cultivar), foi observado na combinacao 'Abbe Fetel'/'Adams' (Tabela 1).
copa (IDC), incremento no diametro do porta-enxerto (IDPE) e diferenca de diametro entre o porta-enxerto de marmeleiro e a copa (PE - C) das diferentes combinacoes de cultivares de pereiras europeias durante os ciclos de cultivo 2011/12, 2012/13 e 2013/14, Urupema, SC.
Os maiores incrementos significativos de IDC e IDPE foram observados na combinacao Abbe Fetel/Adams do que na combinacao Abbe Fetel/EMC (Tabela 1).
Mesh size with double stitching mosquito net pattern along all joints of IDPE nettings,reinforced at every 5/(152 cm.) on all sides , tying loops to be provided at every 10/(304 cm.), provided with overlap door for entry for Muga worms rearing.
Construction of Collection box filter chamber.and its compound wall around the OGR and laying of I IDPE.GI Pipe line and 5 years maintenance for PWS to Kakadamba GP Khudi under Scmiliguda Block in the district of Korapul.