IDPLInstituto Del Progreso Latino (Spanish: Latin Institute of Progress; Chicago, IL)
IDPLIndian Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
IDPLInfectious Disease Pharmacokinetics Laboratory (University of Florida; Gainesville, FL)
IDPLInitial Developers Public License (open source software)
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The infusion will lead to a 10-15 per cent stake dilution in L&T IDPL.
L&T IDPL had mandated two global investment banks - Standard Chartered and Nomura - but the process is yet to be started.
IDPL works with more than 8,500 participants annually to advance their basic academic skills, obtain a high school diploma, pass the GED exam, become U.
IDPL synonimous with "service with professionalism" dealing in Bulk Chemicals / Oil Products / Plastic Raw Materials / Fertilizers / Government Projects.
IDPL also signed MoU with the National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER) on the occasion for transfer of technology for manufacture of Zinc Dispersible Tablets used for treatment of diarrhorea.