IDPRInter-Domain Policy Routing Protocol
IDPRInter Domain Policy Routing Protocol
IDPRInter-Domain Policy Routing
IDPRIdaho Department of Parks and Recreation (Boise, ID)
IDPRIllinois Division of Professional Regulation (also seen as DPR)
IDPRIndividual Development & Performance Review (UK NHS)
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The importance of intrinsically disordered proteins (IDPs) and protein regions (IDPRs) has been recognized [5-13], and it has been observed that relatively high contents of intrinsic disorders may exist for eukaryotic proteins than for prokaryotic proteins [14].
Idaho's governor and legislature have made it clear to the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation (IDPR) that appropriations for Harriman will not be increased and the department must find ways to make the park more self-sufficient.
Although I think most anglers would support it, that program would bring in only an additional $20,000--about 10 percent of the yearly deficit, according to IDPR's estimates.
Currently, a number of DEMS in Illinois are being served with "cease and desist" orders from the Illinois Department of Professional Responsibility (IDPR).