IDPSInvestor Directed Portfolio Services (Australia)
IDPSIntrusion Detection and Prevention System (computer security)
IdPSIdentity and Privacy Strategies
IDPSIntegrated Database Preparation System
IDPSInterface Data Processing System (NPOESS)
IDPSIntelligence Data Processing System
IDPSInstitutional Default Prevention System (software)
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17, 2017, on how IDPs in Nigeria were poorly managed.
As a result of the Armenia-Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh conflict Azerbaijan was exposed to the military aggression of Armenia, 20 percent of its territory, Nagorno-Karabakh and seven adjacent districts, have been occupied, the territories were subjected to ethnical cleansing, more than a million of people became refugees and IDPs, Azerbaijani officials said.
In 2016, the governor of South Darfur State Adam al-Faki, offered the IDPs three options, saying they should either be integrated into existing towns, stay in the camps after they are being planned or return to their original villages voluntarily.
To a question he said over 42000 registered and 45000 un-registered families of IDPs had gone back to their homes, government is providing all necessary and basic facilities to them.
From the ceasefire in 1994 till 2008 the Azerbaijani government was settling the IDPS in rural areas, and in 2009 it started settling the IDPS in urban areas with the construction of new apartments for ids in Binagadi in Baku.
Document the process of the performances process and results from a perspective of dialogue format (written report for a brochure in Ukrainian and video with subtitles in English); Conduct analysis of issues faced by women IDPs from different localities with focus to systemic and structural barriers to resources, differences and similarities of status of women IDPs and cases of discrimination and vulnerability, considering ethnic identity, age and social background.
As per agency-wise updates till January 2, in Khyber 91,689 IDPs were verified by NADRA, of which 73,767 returned and 17,922 were remaining, in North Waziristan Agency (NWA) 104,002 IDPs were verified by NADRA of which 33,725 returned and 70,277 remaining while for South Waziristan Agency (SWA) the number of NADRA verified IDPs was 71,124, of which 13,997 returned and 57,127 were remaining.
The Surigao del Sur provincial disaster risk reduction and management office estimates that food supply will last until mid-October, after which meeting the basic food needs of the 3,000 lumad IDPs will be uncertain.
The workshop aimed to educate the IDPs on halting the monthly food rations they were receiving from the UNHCR and international organizations, especially after the war had stopped in Abyan and Saada provinces and they can now return to their homes.
According to the statement, the cell phone SIMs and ATM cards will be given to the IDPs of Shalobar at Haji Camp, Peshawar, to IDPs of Kambarkhel and Bar Kambarkhel at Lala Killi, Peshawar, to Malikdinkhel IDPs at Taru, Nowshera, to Kamarkhel and Storikhel IPDs at Pabbi, Nowshera, to Akakhel IDPs at Nasirpur, Peshawar, and to the IDPs residing at Jalozai camp in the same area on February 4.
In addition to feeding the Yezidi IDPs, BCF also provides foodstuff and ready meals to other IDPs across Kurdistan Region including Christians and Shabak Kurds, in addition to providing meals for Peshmarga Forces in the war frontlines in Makhmour zone for three consecutive days.
To prevent further deaths among the IDPs, Agbulos pointed out that one of the measures is to decongest the two evacuation centers and transfer the IDPs to the transitory sites of their choice - in Taluksangay, Tulungatung, and soon in Mampang, and the PTSI property in Upper Calarian.