IDQIndex Server Query
IDQInformation and Data Quality (conference by International Association for Information and Data Quality)
IDQInternational Dairy Queen, Inc.
IDQInternet Data Query
IDQIndefinite Quantity
IDQInteractive Database Query
IDQInstitutional Data Questionnaire
IDQInternational Development Qualifier (USA Volleyball)
IDQId Quantique SA (French; Swiss software company)
IDQInitial Distribution Quantity
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colo, determinados com utilizacao de regua graduada e paquimetro digital, massa seca da parte aerea (MSPA), massa seca de raiz (MSR), as amostras foram secas em estufa a 75[degrees] C por 48 h, a relacao altura/diametro (RHD), relacao peso parte aerea/raiz (RPAR) atraves da simples divisao entre os valores e indice de Dickson (IDQ), segundo metodo descrito por Dickson et al.
Michael Klein, IDQ's CEO and incoming CEO of Armored AutoGroup, commented that the combined entity was in a good position to deliver value to its customers, employees and financial stakeholders.
Nijaifi pointed out that according to the budget of 2011, Niniveh must get 11%, which makes IDQ 19,624,204,000,00/-, but in fact the amount it has received asserts a deficit of $ 18 trillion, which means that the province received only 1.07% of its share.
(14) Another striking parallel is offered by the Slavic verb idQ 'go' (< PIE *[h.sub.i]ei-/[h.sub.i]i-), whose present stem is to be explained (Kortlandt 1979: 52f.) as the outcome of a reanalysis involving the 2nd sg.
Currently, some of the fines at the Traffic Directorate are as follows: 30,000 IQD (US$25) for exceeding the speed limit; 30,000 IQD for using a mobile phone; 30,000 IQD for driving on the wrong side; 15,000 IDQ (US$12.5) for not wearing a seatbelt; and 20,000 IQD (US$17) for parking in the wrong place.
Makarov and his team have demonstrated that the hack works on two commercially available systems: one sold by ID Quantique (IDQ), based in Geneva, Switzerland, and one by MagiQ Technologies, based in Boston, Massachusetts.
Watts Gallery, Down Lane, Compton, Guildford, Surrey GU3 IDQ Tel: 01483 810235
Wake Green went through, but only 1-0 against Division Five side IDQ.