IDRAACInstitute for Development, Research, Advocacy and Applied Care (Lebanon)
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Sims' show, which has toured several countries, was first performed in Beirut in 2012, also as a fundraiser for IDRAAC.
IDRAAC chose to feature a Dalida tribute because of the star's battle with depression.
This is why IDRAAC has decided to use the profits of this event for IDRAAC's activities which target depression.
Tickets are available at Virgin Ticketing, IDRAAC (76-100-576), Dar El Chimal (Tripoli) and Al-Ittihad Library (Sidon).
The session opened with the screening of a short film introducing IDRAAC and its initiatives, followed by a series of lectures given by various IDRAAC experts in the fields of psychology and social research.
IDRAAC executive director Elie Karam presented the "LEBANON" study (Lebanese Evaluation of the Burden of Ailments and Needs of the Nation), which is being conducted by his group with the support of the Ministry of Public Health in partnership with Harvard University and the World Health Organization.
In another lecture, IDRAAC researcher Mariana Salamoun explained various troubled temperaments - such as the hyperthymic, depressed, agitated-irritable, worried, and moody types - and emphasized that most Lebanese are characterized by some combination of these types in varying degrees.