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IDRCInternational Development Research Centre (Canada)
IDRCInternational Development Research Council
IDRCInternational Disaster Reduction Conference (UNESCO)
IDRCInternational Display Research Conference
IDRCI Don't Really Care
IDRCIndustry Driven Regional Collaborative
IDRCIncremental Default Risk Charge (Basel Committee on Banking Supervision)
IDRCInter-Deployment Readiness Cycle
IDRCImproved Data Recording Capacity
IDRCImproved Data Recovery Capability
IDRCInstallation Deployment Readiness Cell (US Air Force)
IDRCImport Drag Race Circuit
IDRCIndustrial Developers Research Council
IDRCIndustrial Data Research Corporation (various locations)
IDRCIntoxicated Driver Resource Center (New Jersey)
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Investing in small-scale agriculture is one of the most effective ways to meet the food security needs of vulnerable populations, especially women and children, while also building economic livelihoods, IDRC President Jean Lebel said at the announcement.
27 million twenty-foot units (TEUs) due to improvement in trade activities, volume ramp-up at several terminals and contribution of IDRC.
This is an exciting new chapter for the IDRC as we represent more and more dressage athletes thanks to the rapid growth of the sport," Finn Kyrklund said.
IDRC has been providing support for a number of countries on climate change and adaptation.
Current and former workers at Canada's International Development Research Centre (IDRC) document a particular time in the business of foreign aid and the ascendant role of the IDRC in that time and place.
IDRC has an international mandate to help developing countries develop long-term, sustainable solutions to socio-economic problems, thus achieving more equitable and prosperous societies, through the use of science and technology.
IDRC claims to be the world's first funding agency to create an OA institutional repository.
While at IDRC, Alper will help link researchers from the South and the North, ensuring that both groups benefit equally from their respective research findings.
The IDRC has been working on building alliances between less-developed countries since 1970.
In late March, Maureen O'Neil, president of IDRC, delivered a speech on the subject as a panelist at the E-governance: Towards a new approach to international cooperation in the knowledge economy seminar in Milan, Italy.
These women and men represent a small sample of the host of researchers funded by the IDRC over its 25-year history, and, given the calibre of these many researchers, making the final selection of candidates for this book could not have been easy.
The Instituto de Estudios Peruanos (IEP) and Fundacion Capital manage PK through support from the Ford Foundation and IDRC.