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7) Calculate the IDRE of the reconstructed signal, and increase the iteration variable i to i + 1.
Therefore, IDRE is constructed for the rotating machinery vibration signal.
It can be concluded from (8) that the fewer the noise components the signal contains, the better the denoising result, and the larger the value of IDRE.
To illustrate the effectiveness of ARSGW and IDRE on getting the optimal signal denoising result and the denoising result evaluation, respectively, the constructed signal is also denoised by RSGW with different values of M, N, and L.
2) The variation tendency of IDRE is consistent with that of [SNR.
To test the effectiveness of IDRE further, denoising simulation when there is no noise was conducted.
Compared with SNR, because IDRE can be calculated without needing to know the real signal beforehand, it is suitable not only to simulation signal denoising result evaluation but also to actual vibration signal denoising result evaluation.
In this paper, a new IDRE is constructed, and based on IDRE, ARSGW denoising method is proposed for rotating machinery vibration signal denoising.