IDRGInstitut Dicziunari Rumantsch Grischun (German: Romansch-Grison Dictionary Institute; Switzerland)
IDRGInput, Data, Range
IDRGInstructional Development and Research Group (Canada)
IDRGIsraeli Diabetes Research Group
IDRGIntrusion Detection Research Group (computer security; University of Houston; Texas)
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This method uses human immature dorsal root ganglia neurons (iDRG) that are produced from pluripotent stem cells that are still in a phase of neurite growth.
Researchers at DMU's Imaging and Displays Research Group (IDRG) are leading the work, with partners from: Fraunhofer Heinrich-Hertz-Institut; Philips Consumer Lifestyle; Eindhoven University of Technology; Nanjing University in China; Barco, a display hardware manufacturer in Belgium; University College London; and Koc University in Turkey.